massive savings on hay / haylage ! MEDDI-MUD for STUBBORN unresponsive MUD FEVER







500ml Bottle

Apply to skin as required

For un responding MUD FEVER , rain scald


 We have over 30 horses living out in heavy clay soil.

 A couple of years ago we had numerous cases of severe MUD FEVER

Some needing veterinary attention.

We tried just about everything on the market, but powders, creams and lotions just washed off minutes after they waded through the mud back into the field. We needed something that was oil based and would not come off in the mud.

It was all very well reading... "apply to clean dry legs"...But that assumes you can get them out of the mud for a long period to allow heavy feathers to dry ...not a luxury we had at the time .

 Nothing was working.!

So, with a little input from a " pharmacist " friend,  we made our own……!!


 We were totally amazed !!!!

 We can only apologize that it has taken us 2 years to market it .


Apply daily to area against hair growth. Ideally to dry skin, but can be applied to wet skin if necessary.



Came in as a rescue , but had by no means been mistreated. Her mother had been ill through her first 6 months and she was poor and " a little bit BOLD !"  Pictured here at 9 months.  Picture 1

Her brief story....

After her first few days with us ...we knew we had a problem. Swellings appeared around both front coronets and she took to constantly lying down. Xrays showed detachments of ligaments from the bones in both front feet and bone movement. We were advised to put her to sleep.

By chance I sent the Xrays to a few vets and one suggested, although the outlook was grim, to try and find a deep cattle shed and put her in it and forget her. Just keep her feet balanced ...nothing else." That's what they would have done in the olden days" , he informed me.!!

We had no spare cash to throw at her , so this sounded worth a try...and" time" was one thing we had lots of !


You will see by her final picture, taken last spring ..That vet was right !

She was penned in for 6 months ( area approx size of 2 big stables)


MUD FEVER (18 months later)

Having all white legs and now living out 24/7,  she fell for it big time.

I really wasn't into the whole before and after picture "thing", but decided to do a case study with her as she was the worst I'd had.

She came in so lame behind I was convinced she also had a foot abscess.. not so.

Within  an hour of her coming in her legs were unrecognisable and rapidly oozing fishy smelling serum .


I did the normal stuff...washed her legs with hot water and hibiscrub, which helped to remove some scabs.

Within minutes the serum was again trickling down her legs ..It STANK !


In a nutshell...

It has taken several weeks and I will be totally honest, I have not been able to apply MM everyday , due to my 84 year old mother having Norovirus and me having to move in and give her 24hr care.

The filly is "a bit handy" behind so it was neither fair, nor safe to ask one of the girls to deal with her ( although that has now changed!)

So... She has had to be turned back out into the mud every 2 or 3 days, and stayed out the occasional night.



The result has been conclusive. She is now back out permanently (albeit in the snow!)

I will be honest , tiny new patches popped up , higher up her leg, but I simply followed them and they gave in quickly !

Please always follow your vets advise, Meddi-mud seems to be clearing everything its applied to , but there will always be exceptions.

Its oil based , so wont come off the skin easily in the wet.

There are no banned fact all of the ingredients can be found, in various dilutions,  in consumable products ( don't try this at home kids!!)

It can be applied once or twice a day ...or like me ...once every few days !!

Good luck

Please feel free to email me your stories and pictures...I already have a file full !!!






Recent email .....


Maria James 1:10 PM (20 hours ago)

Hi Anabel,

I wanted to give you an update on my experience with Meddi-mud.


I wasn't able to wash the pony so just put it on the rainscald on his back for a few days, gently rubbed it in and left it I just gave him a good brush and wash and the rain scald has completely gone!


I'm really impressed with Meddi-mud and would recommend it without hesitation. Definitely a product to keep handy especially for ponies and horses living outside 24/7 and rugless like mine. Thank you x



 Below is a few of the many comments left as feedback for this product.....



Hi, I have worked as a hunter groom for 25 years and live in an area where mud fever is a serious issue. I've tried many different lotions and potions over the years with varying degrees of success’s purchased your recipe out of curiosity and will confess to being a little sceptical! I have used it, with VERY satisfactory results, not only to treat one of my horses who already had mud fever, but I have continued to use it on her, and others as a preventative measure after hunting, turn out or 'off road' exercise. My yard is now a mud fever free zone! Many thanks for sharing your fabulous recipe


- 0145kitten


Hi, just to say a big thank you for your mud fever remedy it is fantastic. I only have two regrets 1: that i didn't buy it earlier due to my own scepticisms which have proved to be unfounded.
2: that i didn't take before and after photos as the difference is amazing.
The change in my horse even when being ridden has improved due to now not being in pain any more.
many thanks
- bonnie-5
You are right, it works!!!!! Buyer:

Member ID lloydy1702

This stuff is absolutely brilliant, can`t recommend it enough. Many thanks!! Buyer:

Member ID v82go

Sorry its taken so long,FANTASTIC!! many thanks its gr8 exellent comms TOPS Buyer:

Member ID nobbycoleman

This does work! Buyer:

Member ID *honore*

It works! 4 white socks - mud fever a nightmare, about to call vet - TRY IT - Buyer:

Member ID julie123one

2days an i can put it on with out him banging his hooves , very very good thanks Buyer:

Member ID carol

cant believe how simply and effective this is, thank u!!!! Buyer:

Member ID starbloopylu

brilliant best thing i ever brought couldnt be more pleased Buyer:

Member ID zoezac73

It's working!! I'd tried EVERYTHING without success, but this is doing the job!! Buyer:

Member ID honeysucklew*hore

Has made a difference! Have you a remedy for excessive rainfall? Buyer:

Member ID dugfor05


Member ID cohacker

Excellent, really works and horse out 24/7. Many thanks Buyer:

Member ID goose2306

absolutely brillinat. really does work. thankyou so much. 5* Buyer:

Member ID skinteststudentever

0ne leg cleared within 4 days, the others healing quick, cheap and amazing !!!!! Buyer:

Member ID lynne2813

Really cleared up the mud fever Buyer:

Member ID whizz4one

ive no idea how you managed to stumble across this but it really works! Buyer:

Member ID heathers5395

Yep it works! Fab easy solution to a nightmare problem! Buyer:

Member ID redevo999

works wonders! my TB had it so bad and now after a week it's nearly gone! Buyer:

Member ID donna1800

Abso-bloomin-lutely works!!! Thanks so much. +++ Buyer:

Member ID sharonh3283

Fantastic! Buyer:

Member ID saz5083

excellent clear within the first 24 hours! will def keep around nxt winter thanx Buyer:

Member ID rose9532

thanks it realy helps you need to try it . thanks so much A+++++++++++++++++ Buyer:

Member ID major.1691 (

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