massive savings on hay / haylage ! MEDDI-MUD for STUBBORN unresponsive MUD FEVER





A  solution to a frustrating and potentially dangerous equine pass-time !

 Breaking through electric fencing whilst wearing a rug is the thorn in a lot of our sides !!

It has had serious and fatal consequences in some cases.

However strong your power supply, an outdoor rug will normally insulate against any shock.

We have tested this ourselves on our mains unit ( took a few stiff drinks before I was brave enough !!)


We house ( and I use that term loosely) several escape artists, that have made this an Olympic sport and practice daily !

We have the chest leaner, who simply snaps the tape and keeps walking,  and the sneakers who put their heads under and run. 




Here is a tried and tested solution



Equirug-zappa is  conductive fabric, self adhesive strips, which you can stick to your rug (clean and dry) on the front chest .

It comes as two 50 cm strips with peel off adhesive backing.


It is meant as a temporary "reminder" as it carries full power from the outside of the rug to the inside, thus connecting with the body.

There is enough in one pack to do one rug


Peel off self adhesive backing and place as shown on to a clean,  dry rug.

Make sure you pull the rug taught and there are no folds or creases.

You will need approx 3" inside

After a couple of good ZAPS , its job is done !!