massive savings on hay / haylage ! MEDDI-MUD for STUBBORN unresponsive MUD FEVER






2 sizes now available..

Picture: 5ft round bale in a 5ft3" standard sheep feeder. 



In trials over the winter of 2010, the use of a  Toppa-Net over a round or square

bale inside a circular feeder, extended the life of the bale from being replaced

 every 2 days , to every 5/6 days.


A saving to us of £60+ a week !


We had struggled for 5 years with wastage and the unsightly mess left in our

fields where the feeders had been , not so much the poaching of the ground as

the chain harrows and a bit of grass seed rectified that quickly, but the huge

 mound of old hay/haylage that took years to rot away .

The picture below shows where a feeder was sited 6 YEARS AGO !!!!

It has taken that long to reach this stage and when it rains , it not only smells

of sewage but the water running off it contaminates the surrounding area. 


We designed  the Toppa-Net  after a winter trialing it , to find any

adjustments needed and test the quality.


Our fields are clean, clear and there are no signs of where the feeders have

been and we had little or no waste.



The MONEY was our biggest driving force , as the cost of fodder rocketed.


We were disheartened to see so much being trodden underfoot and no matter

how many times a day we picked it up and stuffed it back into the feeder, once

 it had been under foot they would not eat it and simply tossed it back out !!

Ggrrr !!!!


The TOPPA-NET was a revelation !



5ft round bale in a 5ft3" standard sheep feeder.

Not a scrap on the floor and they could eat right to the very bottom.

It slowed the greedy eaters and provided a more natural rate of consumption.

We worked out that it saved us in the period from November to April, in the

 region of   £1,440.00  and the net is good to go again this year !!.

Its simple to fit in seconds and is strong and very durable.


Fitting is simple.

Place the net over the bale, then simply weave the loose cords in and out of the

bars of the feeder and back through the net.

Do not loop over the top rim of the feeder as this will prevent the net sliding down

as the bale reduces in size!

Secure both ends through metal ring.

To replace bale, only one half needs to be undone , then flip the net back....



The solution to a common problem if you use a standard sheep round feeder.


For use with round or square bales.


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Standard Sheep Circular Feeder Galvanised

Standard Sheep Circular Feeder Galvanised


Standard sheep circular feeder galvanised.

1600mm diameter x 905mm high with a 290mm deep welded base.

Coupling bar fixing.

24 feed spaces.

25 x 25mm rectangular hollow section horizontals.

20mm diameter tubular vertical rails sheet metal base.